Midnight in the ComicCon of Good and Evil

Went to the NYC comic con this past weekend. It was my first "big" con and definitly not my last. I have tasted its flesh and my hunger grows! Um....kay. So it was wicked crowded hardcore. One of the main reasons being they held it in one of the smaller convention halls. Didn't someone suspect that the draw would be huge for the first new england con of this size? Apparently my assumptions are correct: most people are running on two cylinders. Well i bypassed the nearly two hour line and the vangaurd of state troopers and snuck in on a wave of grumpy comic conners. Inside was cool. Ran into alot of people i knew there and met some new ones. Saw Jan Duursema (who does alot of the new star wars comics) and waddled past Neal Adams. I forgot to bring money so I couldn't really get anything. 3 bucks for water and the remaining 4 (plus one dollar from my friend Charles) went to the Aria Giovanni photo. Money. Well. Spent. Well here a few pics courtesy of my friend Charles(whom i owe a dollar too). Hopefully i'll get to posting up the one of me with Princess Leia and a stormtrooper!

All photos courtesy of Charles "Redclaw" Lavoie. Check him