Upon Armada

Here are a few more character sketches from The Scar. Its hands down one of my favorite books. If anyone hasn't read anything by China Mieville i suggest, nay, beg you do so. They are so packed to bursting with imagination and engaging story lines. Entire worlds and races with new alien technology and gruesome use of magics can be found on nearly any page. I find myself rereading passages just because I couldn't believe that in a single sentence he's created, humiliated and brushed aside a brain fart that could fill an entire encyclopedia volume. Well enough of me rambling on. Here are a few passes at some of his characters. I'd like one day to bring these to a more completed state, but until then, a small attempt at visualising a bit of Mieville's people.

Another version of Uther Doul Silas Fennec, the traveller and scoundrel Hedrigal, cactacae airship captain Tintinnabalum, seafaring hunter/scientist Bellis Coldwine, linguist, scholar, refugee