Character sketchin' and messin'

Hey cadets! With the VB over I've had some more free time to focus on some of my own work as well as getting my head to a more level plane of sanity. The group of normal looking chaps are from my comic Labor Days . This will, i think be used for my new business card. Also, some jedi concept sketches based on a shaggy look i was rocking in the cold months. Obssessing over mignola and paul pope right now. I suppose most people do, but i'm trying to hone a style for some projects coming up. Maybe it doesn't show in the work, i cant tell. But was definitly influenced. Also, a character drawing of a friend of mine who wanted more than anything to be in the Venture Bros. Couldn't find a place, but maybe next season!? I made it for her because she threw me a party. And she certainly is a character.