I'll Be Riding Six White Horses

Here I am! Back from effing san diego. (obviously. duh, rick.) What a great time to be had by all. I've never been to anything like it. Well there was the recent NYC con, but that pales in comparison to what this SDCC monster turned out to be. So i slew it thusly with my wallet and gullet. I picked up a lot of cool stuff and met some interesting folk. Some of which you'll see above in a few pics i've posted. Including one of Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer posing with The Venture Bros. own Dean and Triana! I wish i could've posted sooner, seems kind of old at this point what with the con being a few weeks old. But fear not faceless people of the web! For I have been busy busy with interesting matters! Some of you(if not all) may be familiar with Hellboy Animated dvd series currently in production. Though, I am not involved with that, Dark Horse comics, in association with Mike Mignola himself, have approched me to headline a new series of comics based on this bound to be succesfull animated quest. Crud, am i excited! So i'm also posting a few old pics that started the project off. These are test art and pages (written by young PM Gelatt ) i had done for formalities sake and official whatnots.