A Study In Crepax

For a while now, perhaps even longer, I've had an ink drawing of a woman on my hardrive that I aquired off the netweb from who knows where. I was completely smitten with the drawing, but never found out who the artist was. Well, while scoping Paul Pope's blog, which i'm so aptly to do, I discovered that the artist is Guido Crepax. Well, i've been obsessing over his work for the past week or so now. Specificlly his Valentina character. A saucy italian girl who tends to find herself in very interesting situations indeed. Crepax's style is a place where i've been trying to take my art. Simple, yet direct. Controlled ease. Anatomically educated, but with a sence of rawness to the line work. yadda yadda yadda, right? Hoping to get my hands on some Crepax books soon. Fingers crossed.

Here are a few studies of Valentina,

Also, Jedi Logan. Why not, right?