Judgement Belle

Holy Cow! What rock have I been under? Ages I'd say since I've posted anything. Been way busy with a number of projects. Mostly finishing the latest Hellboy Animated book and starting up season 3 of the Venture Bros.

Speaking of Hellboy Animated...did anyone esle notice the second book hit shelves last week? Or was it the week before. Because i certainly did not. I completely missed the launch. Egad! The Judgement Bell, second in a line of HB:A tomes, is a great step forward for the series. Everything came together on this book and its easily my favorite of the series. So if your're out and about and get a hankering for some good ol' fashioned monster punching, I suggest picking up said book.

Thats where I'll leave it for now. Lots of good things coming up, including a new blog. And if you havent been over to Sam Hiti's Fist-A-Cuffs Association, then click the FACA link and vote on your favorite fighter! The North Division went up yesterday and the battles are brutal.

Here's also a sketch of Liz Sherman (my take on her anyway). She's not featured in the story I just finished so I missed her. :-(