The Con After the Storm

The SanDeigo convention has ended and we're back in business over here at Lacy Enterprises. Excelsior! Me and my co-hort, Phil Gelatt were able to sit in on the Oni Panel and introduce our book, Labor Days, the continuing adventures of Englands own Benton "Don't call me Benters" Bagswell. Check out the whole story over at Labor Days Towers.

Personal highlights included meeting Sam Hiti and Pierre Alary. Both of which i'm huge fans of and who's work is always a center of inspiration. Sam runs the Fist-A-Cuffs blog and it was a kick meeting him in person and shooting the crap. He remembered me from my tournament fighter, Ice Cycle, pictured below, who gave a good fight but was trumped in the early rounds. :-(

This is an unused sketch that would've revealed IceCycles true self, had she gone allt he way.

Also got this sweet orig. sketch from Sam in his book Tiempos Finales!

Pierre Alary also did a fun little sketch for me in his sketch book. He was awesome to chat too. I snuck up on him at the Stuart Ng booth before his scheduled signing and picked his brain about making comics. It was great!