Brush Werks

Obviously pouring over the Pope book.
Fairly raw brush work as I left the pecils pretty ruff.

And a few Jedi for good measure. This first one is for the NYJedi con flyer.

This was just for fun. Done in P-Shop! "i've seen a few shops in my time."

Ebony Pencil.

And since I haven't much news to chat about, save for continual Labor Days production (which by the way, is up on Amazon for preorder!) I'll talk about the books I'm reading, and or have read. I just finished reading Joe Kubert's "Jew Gangster." Its a really good story about growing up during the depression and how crime became a very attractive seductress to a poor jewish kid. Kubert's brush work is amazing and he does a great job of composing the story with only 4 panels per page. I suggest anyone pick this up who is interested in seeing great ink work or just loves a good crime comic.

I've also just finished reading China Mieville's "King Rat." A gritty, adult re-imagining of the Pied Piper, only twisted from the animal kingdoms point of view.