Indiana Jones and the Temple of Regrettable Circumstances


As some of you might have heard I was contracted to illustrate the new line of childrens oriented comics called Indiana Jones Adventures (written by Labor Days's own PM Jeepers). Well due to what I will just call "creative differences," as not to tarnish any reps or perpetuate any needless bad blood between myself and the law dogs at Lucas Film, I am no longer the artist.

Unfortunatly, the book has been marred in retakes, re-submitted arts, and a drawn out and draining approvals system. The book, which was scheduled to release the time of the Crystal Skull movie, looks as though it will launch closer, if not after, SDCC. I wish everyone good luck on it, and tip my hat to my editor at Dark Horse. Who did everything, save for re-directing rivers to keep that project on track.

So during my time on contract I was able to get some designs, cover art and a test page for inking done. Here, I present, a few of those arts.