Post Con Comm

NYC Comic Con is all wrapped up and like always it was exciting and exhausting all at once! I spent most of the time at the Oni Press booth mingling with that crazy crew. On Saturday we did a panel outlining some of the new books that Oni will be releasing. Poor PM Jeepers was away in DC, so I had to man the LD canons. We had a good time of it and I got to chill a little bit with Matt Loux, local artist on Salt Water Taffy, Vasilis Lolos, creator of The Last Call, Ray Fawkes, the writer of Apocalipstix, and Ande Park and Marc Guggenheim, who were both making announcements and chit chat.

my highlight for the weekend was when i was at a "comics art for sale" booth flipping through some mind blowing Jim Lee art that cost more than my Manhattan apt. rent, when all of a sudden the man himself came strolling through, punching angels and f*cking devils. It was awesome!

I've also started doing commissions. I've picked up a few in these past few weeks and plan on publishing a blog page to make it more formal with rates and details. Here's an X-Men pin-up to get'er going!