Art Challenge: Falconer

My friend, Sean Ferguson and I have decided to embark on a drawing challenge of sorts. The idea is nothing entirely new and I've seen it done all over the internetslolkthx.

Its not a challenge to see who wins the specific weeks topic, but just to keep us a bit sharper. As Sean has just graduated and I'm engulfed in finishing Labor Days.

Each week (hopefully we'll keep it going for a while) one of us will pick a topic and 7 days later we'll post our drawings. Anything goes as far as medium and finishes.

The first topic I chose was a "falconer in the service of Genghis Khan." After reading the Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch (which featured a nasty falconer wizard) i've been wanting to draw one. And then i just added the Genghis Khan part for world specific-ness.