At San Diego this week!

I'll be heading off to the San Diego Comic con this week and wont be back until I'm exiled from the west coast or made it's king (in which case I'll have to come back for my stuff)! Below you'll see my signing schedule for the weekend and a few morsels i pulled out of my sketchbook. As always I'll be building a commissions list, selling original art as well as sketches for $20.

Signing at Oni:
Thursday: 11:30 - 12:50
Panelmonium: 3 - 4
Friday: 1 - 2:20
Saturday: 10 - 11:20
Sunday: 1 - 2:20

Signing at Dark Horse:
Friday: 11 - 12

A girl from a dream. She was trying to take her top off. I woke up just before she succeeded!:

Some of the Bebop crew:

A study of Al Williamson: