Venture Bros: Diving Bell vs. The Butter Glider PART 2

At one point in the story of this episode, the Monarch (if i recall correctly) had himself a hot little tart play-thing (or was mistaken to have one, by Dr. Girlfriend). This girl was going to be a young latin woman with giant super hair! I drew up these sketches of a firey vixen and named her Menacita LaDiabla! Ah, Menicita, you are so... how you say... caliente.

She was cut from the ep. as well as my heart.

Here are also some versions of Billy and White's cycle gear. I was hoping the leather biker would get OK'd. It didn't. Poor Billy. He looked awesome in chaps.

I think I have one or two things left to show for this episode before the next one airs. OOOO, like the Thrombolysizer!