NYC Comic Khan

I almost ran with that whole joke.

This weekend I'll be signing at the Oni press booth for my limited series Labor Days. Come over to pick up our new sketchbook, drop off your art contest submission (www.labordayscomic.blogspot.com) and pick up some original art! First 3 sketches are $10! Anything goes. I'll be taking Venture Bros commissions by order only. A VB sketckbook drawing will be going for $40.

BUT If you order a Hellboy or Star Wars commission you get a free sketch (of anything!)!

At Oni
Sat: 4:15 - 5

Sun: 10:15 - 11

I'll also be at Cadence Comic art on sunday for another signing! You can buy my original Hellboy Animated pages there! Inked by Jose Marzan Jr!

At Cadence
Sun: 11:30 - 12:30