Venture Bros. Ep. 52 Bright Lights Dean City

More like DEAL CITY! Right? As in deal with it. Because I'm totally jumping around in episodes.

This turned out to be my best standing achievement in my Venture Bros career because the incomparable Nathan Fillion voiced the character of The Brown Widow which I designed. And that's on top of getting the chance to make fun of every one's favorite wall crawler. We went way back for the design of this character and pulled his reference from Nicholas Hammond of the 1970's Spiderman TV show. So i just referred to the character as Hammond.

Below is also a neat space suit I favored for Jonas Venture and a supporting character of a secretary. My initial design was of a dragon tattooed lady. It didn't fly. Bully on them. I also did all the Golden Pladies for the episode gag, but don't want to make a whole other blog post to show them. Besides... ya seen one Golden Pladies, ya seen'em all.

Hasta la vista, dawg.