The new semester (and new year for that matter) are upon us! My character design class at Bergen Street comics will be starting soon and I would like to encourage everyone with an interest in designing characters to contact me for enrollment details.

Class will be starting around the end of January.

The class focuses on the fundamental theories and design steps to creating memorable and interesting characters for your comics, cartoons and video games. Or almost anything else you desire good character designs for! The base lessons of designing these characters are universal. The class is structured so that every week we will be designing characters based on the lesson topics. As the lessons escalate, so will the projects culminating in a final two week design. By the end of the course you could have a good handful of new characters for portfolios and personal projects! 

This class is an 8 week intensive course that focuses on the skills and knowledge needed to become a competitive character designer. Be prepared to draw a lot as we focus on developing the necessary array of skills in two months. I require a lot out of each student, so everyone roll up your sleeves! We will be hitting the ground running to sharpen those artistic skills. The attendance is limited to first come first serve and the only thing I require is a sample of your work and a positive, determined attitude. There is no other submission guideline. Everyone is eligible. 

The last semester we were visited by Tyler Crook, newest artist to tackle the BPRD series at Dark Horse Comics. Tyler shared with us his passion for art as well as his processes for developing characters for comics. This will be a great opportunity for new artists to advance their art and meet like minded individuals with a passion to draw as well as for veteran artists to hone their growing skills. 

Please email me soon to enquire about class rate and essential materials and to lock down your spot for the class. 

Let it begin! LET IT BEGIN!