Drawing Lance: Update

So Drawing Lance is still on hold, but with good purpose.  See, a few things have been going on as of late that added to the delay.  One of the most relevant is my my online character design workshop which has been going on for the past two months.  Since starting the workshop, I've found I needed to work wholly on available packaged lessons for the subscribers. This differs greatly from my live class, which uses the momentum of the moment to cover the different techniques I teach, because I want to make sure the Workshop has enough information to stand on it's own while I am not present.

Along with this class and some new budding projects I also realized I wanted to add some weight to the story of Drawing Lance (which has been mostly built from snippets and blurbs from my on going D&D game) so I've been taking some time to write new strips and strengthen my art work for the series.  Since Drawing Lance is a hobby comic, I want to make sure I focus on having fun with it and not let it dominate my artistic world. Which, like the hydra, has many heads! I think I'm on a good track with it and the readers will reap the most payoff.  So stay tuned!  Below you can see some penciled strips. Some published, some coming up!