Character Design: First Ranger

Benjen Stark.

This week I'll be speaking at the Character Design program at New York City's Fashion Institute of Technology.  Better know as FIT.  So I've been gathering art and producing new designs for my presentation.  Benjen Stark here being the most recent.  I wanted to explore the familial side of the Starks as it relates to my lessons in character design. Here, the long, horse type face and heavy eyes of Benjen mirrors my previous designs of Ned and Jon Snow. I use contrast in body then to add variation, but subtly hint at the family relation in musculature.

Etc Etc.

On a related note to art, Jamie Hewlett has recorded a very inspirational message for artists.  His point about distraction probably hits home with a lot of modern artists.

On another related note, my FIT preparation has put Drawing Lance on hold for a bit. But worry not, the adventure will be underway soon!