Character Design: Pathfinder: Bard

I started playing in a Pathfinder game at work and while I have mixed feelings about the rule sets (they are very, very meticulous) I do enjoy how robust the characters can become. Ironic, since the meticulous rule sets are part of that equation.  


I rolled a bard. I love rolling up a bard, because it allows my whimsical nature to bubble up to the surface.  Pathfinder's Bard is very much a magic user, but his Performace skills add that level of distinction that make the Bard unique. Offering customizable ways to play depending on the type of Bard you are. Oratory. String insutruments. Etc etc.

This is Taeros Hawklight. A.k.a. Farlocklogan. A.k.a. Desbit Coldwater. A bard personality I like to use continuously over different types of RPG game sets.