Character Design : Drawing Lance

Here are the first model sheets drafted for Drawing Lance (new comic is up too! check it out by clicking the link). when I first started moving forward with publishing strips. The pre-visualization was fairly close to these final designs as I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted when I started drafting them.  The most evident point is the attention to detail here. I wanted to showcase so many different things with the designs. Armor scars. Buckle methods. Slung blades and stitching. A good foot forward for exploring the character but I wish I had pulled back on this aspect and considered the webcomic medium a little more.  Which is a weekly chore of updating to build readership and content.  Thugwart the Cleric underwent the most drastic change however after I put him in the pipeline. He had too much line mileage and I set to simplify early.  

You can see that the designs in the strip became semi-altered. This is due to the high volume content production of animation, which is how I am now approaching Drawing Lance.  I have a new step in the current arc coming up and I'll take that opportunity to fine tune the designs even more.  In this week's strip I notice that Attar is loosing the love of detail that was evident in early strips.  My next goal will be to fine tune his design so that I can convey hefty, bolted armor with few strokes. But the core of his problem is the undulating shapes he has.  His chest armor is a solid block while his shoulder pauldrons are getting too squirrely.  I'll play with his contrast of color too. Adding more blue to soften the intensity of the red.  I'll get in to his color expressions in a later post. 

Until then, have at thee!

...of the Turquoise Serpent.

His rifle is a hodge podge of game mechanics. Not featured in 4E.

Thugwart is the most solid direction for the character designs.

An original Thugwart design. Note the extremes.