Character Design: Ninaran Expressions

I've been really enjoying drawing Ninaran and exploring her character design.  Here's an expression sheet I've been chipping away at recently.  It's been very helpful in nailing down the nuances of drawing this character and you can see the odd shapes her skull takes on as I move it around. The profile is the trickiest and I noodled that one for a while trying to make sense of it. Ultimately though, I felt I was drifting away from the design just to make it beautiful. So I'm letting the shape speak for itself.  A little odd, but I like it.

EDIT: tooled around with her profile even more. The oddness got the better of me and I updated her shape.

Ninaran is a character featured in WotC's Keep on the Shadowfell module for D&D. I chronicle my experience with that game in my webcomic Drawing Lance.