Character Design: Sketchbook: Tiefling Warlock

I wanted to go to D&D Encounters this week, but my schedule didn't allow it at all. I was super excited to check out a new live game, especially one with strangers. It adds a key, raw element to game play. Maybe next week?  Maybe.

I pulled a pre-gen and altered it to meet some game-play needs.  That's the design below, Damnakos Blackblade. Warlock. Mercenary. Thief. Lover.  Damnakos was enslaved on a draconian war sloop. His only attempt at escape left him with two less horns. The captain had sawed the characteristic tiefling crown horns from his head and tarred the stumps. Thrown in the brig, Damnakos met a Dwarf ill fated to the slave rows of the ship. They eventually did escape and have been partners in crime ever since. Jabbing each other with delusional tales of saving the other's life in escalating scenarios that may or may not have happened. Their swords pay the way. Their wit get's them laid.