Chicks and Dudes

I just got yelled at because I haven't updated my blog recently. Who am I too argue. Who am I, but the servant and my god Khorne, the despoiler, my one and only....yikes, gettin' away from myself there. So, I just threw together some pages of drawings from no specific category and posted them up like its my job! Yeah, everyone of these is a digital drawing. Eff. Save one, who can guess?! I still draw with the ol' pap' and penc', but might be to lazy to wait for the scanner to "warm up." Also, me and my compadre and criminal brethren young PMG have some new shite cooking that includes an entire reworking of our comic Labor Days. I'll update more with that as it becomes available. And I'll be starting on more top secret jobs for the government (wetwork stuff, deep ops. you know how it is) so blog-dates will be varied, sporadic but always piping hot. Hmm, s'pose thats it for now.

"good relations with the Wookiees I have." damnit yoda! you used to be cool.

Photos. Lavoie. Bam.