Powerless in the Face of Death

Well Venture Bros. season duece is under way with two new episodes(airing sundays at 10:30)!! I'm gonna try to update per week with new art, mostly storyboards, from the current episode. these few drawings are from the first episode of the season and are featured in the boys death scenes montage. Hopefully, I'll be able to update with the ep. that just aired before next sunday. Its like reliving the whole production, only with less headaches and coffee intake. Also, I was down in Florida for the weekend and went to the Pepsi 400 nascar race. Shit! Those cars are fast. The closer you stand to the track fence, the more of yer face gets blown off when they go by. So I'm including a photo of me with the Jack Daniel's stock car girl Jessica. Poor thing had been there 4 days, forcing smiles.