Star Wars and Venture Bros?! SHUT UP!

So a bit of an announcement. My second contribution to the Clone Wars Adventures saga should hit the shelves today at comic book retail stores everywhere! Look for Volume 6. I illustrated the story entitled Means and Ends! And if you get a chance, pick up the latest Star Wars Insider and flip to page 15 for more CWA publication news! Whew...almost done. Also, check out Dark Horse Dot Com for the Hellboy Animated comics anouncement letter from editor Scott Allie. He and fellow editor Matt Dryer have been great helps on the ramping up of these new books. So if ya see'em around give them a pat on the back! And while I'm at it, let me mention a bit about handsome Jeremy Barlow, the lady killer. He's the editor on CWA and a founding reason i'm caught up in this whole mess. thanks guys!

Now go watch some VB! Because it hurts soooo good.

These two are from Victor Echo NovemberThis one is from the past ep. 20 Years To Midnight
And two pages from Means and Ends