Rick Lacy's Precious Little Life

HERE I AM! UNCLE MOE! THANK'YA MA'AM! No seriously. Stop it. I have been stupid swamped lately. It feels like...it feels like i've aged millions of years in less than a fortnight. Just finished up the first of the Hellboy Animated comics, which i dont think will actually see release until like, February 3054! Or Earlier. It shall be included with the release of the DVD. The title of the book is The Phantom Limbs. Which should be fairly recognizable to you Venture Bros. fans. And iffen ya haven't yet (i'm very dissapointed should this be true) purchased Clone Wars Adventures vol. 6, then i say to you my good man/woman, sprint thusly to yon book retailer. The latest volume came out last week. A week late, but on the shelves nonetheless. So...here are some stuffs. A panel from Phantom Limb....giving away absolutly nothing from the story. Some art from my own comic, the project Labor Days. We have some new pitches out there so i had done a few pages of new artwork. Keep yer fingers crossed! And...just a page of sketches i threw together because I knew they wouldn't see the light of day anytime soon. Well thats it campers. Till next time...Hi oh, Silver!