Its A....Nice Day For A....Black Wedding!

Hey everyone! So Black Wedding and HB Animated : Sword of Storms (with interior bonus comic Judgement Bell) are on the shelves! The signing last week went really well. We sold out of the book (and even some CWA books too) and I got to meet Eric Wight, who was there signing for his new book My Dead Girlfriend. Which is really awesome. Go pick that bad boy up! Go now!

I also just did an interview for IGN about both Hellboy Animated and The Venture Bros. So if ya got a minute, give'er a once over.

Also, NYC Comic Con is coming up soon. February 23rd - the 25th. I'll be doing another signing at the Dark Horse booth on Sunday, from 3 - 4. I'll be at the con all weekend, so lets hang out. :-P

Here are a few pages from Hellboy: The Black Wedding.