Thats right! Long time collaborator, Philip Mads Gelatt and myself have finally found a home for our opus, Labor Days, at Oni Press! The good people at Oni publish a slew of amazing books and we're super excited to be among their ranks. We're currently gabbing about schedules and release dates. The series will consist of two volumes. Each 6x9 and roughly 130 pages in length.

Labor days has been in the making for nearly 4 years now and has undergone an extensive evolution in that time. I'm very happy with what it has become. For people not familiar with this project, it focuses on reckless london-boy looser, Benton "Bags" Bagswell, who's swept up in a globetrotting romp to uncover secrets of a mysterious video tape that shapes the fate of both private and public revolutionaries...all to the grumpy chagrin of Bags, of course.

We're in the process of reworking the script and art and I shall update with production posts as everything gets underway. We're planning on putting up a Labor Days website and having some publicity art at SDCC.