Leon Trotsky and Antonio Gramsci. Extinct marxist activits since late 1930's. But in the comic Labor Days they are alive and kicking and still full of that same revolutionary fire. No, no the comic doesnt take place admist WWII. Nor does it involve time machines or hocus pocus. We just took creative liberty and through no special means, these two gents are still alive.

One of the biggest ongoing plots of Labor Days is revolution. Both within and without each character. Revolution is the driving force behind every person. Even if they deny it. What spurs one person to do soemthing? What causes another to take drastic measures? What even makes another vow to put a stop to it? The desire and or fear of change. Even to plot to put down revlution is, unto itself, a desrie to keep another still going. Everyone in the book will undergo a drastic change as well as take part in a much larger order of revolution. So how could we not have two of the most active voices of the 20th century not play a part. To make good on thier old desires and goals. And to stir up the melting pot.

This is merely a character study for the two lads. Now roommates in a west end flat of London, England.