Lets Do the Thing

Aaaaaaand I'm back. Am I? Feels like forever since I last updated this baby. Been busy ramping up for new work. Then I got sick! Ugh. Then I had jury duty! WTF? Not a whole lot to chat about right now. Just finished reading the latest Hellboy Animated script by newest scribe Jason Hall. This one should really shape up to be an awesome book. Not only have we finally found our groove in art production but Jason's script is a great romp through the Hell'verse. The next book, The Judgement Bell, should be on the stands this summer. June 6th to be exact. Everything, in my humble opinion, really came together in that book and is our best to date. So be on the look out! Also, the art gallery Stay Gold will be having their second 2Hot4TV animation art exhibit. I'll be showing three pieces in this one and am wrapping up the work in the next month. I've plopped in a sketch of one of the pieces. You guess which one! :-P There's also some random drawings here that i've recently done. Nothing of importance. Some knights and some jedi. And a cadre of head sketches that will be featured in a new original project that i'm co-creating with my colaborator on Labor Days. Which, I'm happy to report is coming along nicely. Currently penciling the first chapter. The plan will be to release these pencilled pages at SDCC as the first promotional push for the book.

Hope everyones gravy!