From the Trenches

...to your face!

Thats right kid-o's! Hear real life harrowing tales from the art field as veteran artists, Mike Carlo, Al Pardo, Phil Rynda, some guy named Maudy Tuseth and yours truly, Rick Lacy, regale a crowd of thousands with bewitching stories of adventure and romance like none but a career in animation can conjur up!

We'll be answering questions and showcasing art stuffs and with a little luck find a new adventure forthwith to whet thine appetites!

Then I'll probably go drinking.

So this Thursday, February 21st at 7pm at SVA's main building on 23rd street (between 2nd and 3rd aves) come down and join the fun. Even if yur not an alumni or student of SVA...just tell'em Rick Lacy asked you to be here!

Look! Paprika is so excited she's dancing!