Sullen Eyed...

...and drenched in the spoils of war.

Hopefully some faint hearted young chaps (whom I refuse to mention) wont be offended by this drawing of the Cimmerian.

11x17. Pencil on tracing paper. The axe is a bit wonky and it feels too heavy at the blade. But i'll fix that in ink. I'll probably do another take on his face as well.

I've been drawing a lot on tracing paper lately. I really like the texture and the love affair it has with col-erase pencils. Its also very forgiving. I've been doing a lot of these pin-up drawings and hope to post up more as they get done. Mostly these are art fodder for my brush work. I plan on inking Labor Days with brush and ink-well, so i gotta keep my chops choppable.

Maybe i'll put this on e-Bay when its done. Or maybe I'll just send it to my mom.