Eduardo Risso's "Logan" is fantastic. Risso's gritty style really mixes well with the charater of Wolverine. Cut on, bloody, drinking, fucking and nonchalantness toward an otherwise overtly aggressive scenario. Ya can even feel his X-Suit on him. Uncomfortable and torn. I highly recommend his 3 issue mini with Vaughan. Try to find the black and white versions. It's nothing pivotal in the Logan history, but does pit him against a nasty, war-made foe and puts him at the heart of one the worlds most devastating moments.

On the other hand...

WTF IS THIS? Did his shoulder just throw up a backwards...arm? Can someone plz explain this anatomy to me...? Eff it. I dont even care.

I've been trying to read up on the more interesting plots of Marvel's leading man here (though i normally stear clear of the "supers"). Next up will be Bianchi's run on Wolverine and then (unrelated) Monster Zoo by TenNapel, which looks like a hoot!

P.S. This is not awesome at all.