I want to read Secret Invasion.

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cover painting by Gabrielle Del'Otto
There. I said it. I don't normally read the superhero stuff that Marvel and DC put out. Its overwhelming and most of it is crap and BM fodder. And since these "Marvel Events" started, I've been getting the itch to pay them more mind. I completely missed the House of M event when it launched so my desire didn't start until Civil War. I put off reading Civil War for ages. It came and went and Marvel was well into its spin off series by the time I gave in. But I had to read it. Because, ya see, I was just devouring as much as I could on the internet about it. I had to purge the need.

And purge I did.

And I liked it. OH! I did. Then I started seeking out the spin offs.

And we were back to crap. And then Cap died.

So, I then turned to House of M. Which I enjoyed immensely and Copiel's art on that was stellar. Dude's awesome. The story was very captivating and Copiel's panel choices and pacing were great. A good source for inspiration.

I was happy after that. I just started poking about the Wolverine section and playing with the idea of going back to X'Ecutioner saga or picking up the Whedon run on X-Men.

I didn't :P


The above cover is amazing. Nick Fury looks sick and I think thats Tetsuo behind him.