Labor Days Launch Party and other bits and pieces.

This month I 've released my frist creator owned graphic novel with my cohort Philip Mads Gelatt. Most of you, I'm sure, at this point know what I'm talking about. Its been quite the rollercoaster ride so far. Traveling to SPX to release the book (and see the finished product for the first time), a ton of press and interviews (check out the LD blog and Oni Press for those details), heading to San Fran for APE next month, and our official release party on the 29th of Oct.! I hope everone can make it to that! Its gonna be a blast.

I've also been extremely busy with a new comic for Dark Horse and as a contributing artist to a new Image anthology. As well as getting back on my feet in the world of commercial animation. Stay tuned in the months to come to hear all the wicked news on these projects and the forthcoming LABOR DAYS VOL 2!

Ta ta for now!