Star Wars is still an Adventure!

Do people even blog anymore? Or am I just passed out in the corner of this party? Lately I've been busy with a number of projects. Some very exciting and awaiting greenlights, others, like Labor Days Volume 2, an Image anthology story and some neat commercial projects have become the norm for my work schedule. My most recent comic work, which should be out early 2009, is the first volume of a new series from Dark Horse Comics. Its called Star Wars Adventures. Like its predecessor, the Clone Wars Adventures, this series will focus on all ages stories, but unlike the CWA, SWA will tell the continuing tales of the Original Trilogy cast. To launch the series, myself (on pencils), writer Jeremy Barlow, inker Matt Loux and colorist Mike Atiyeh are helming a space-yarn featuring the galaxies notorious rogue, Han Solo. This book has been a great project for me to work on and I've really tried to bring something new to the table in terms of style and page layout. I hope we hit the mark! I'll keep you up to date on the official release of the book, but until then here are my initial character designs of Han and Chewie.

In other news. Phil and I have done some fun interviews for Labor Days Volume 1. Check them out at the LD BLOG!