I'm in love with a Na'Vi girl.

I've just recently saw a movie. It's called Avatar and it's running in the art house theaters in Manhattan. It wasn't a major life affirming bonanza of film like I heard it might be, but I enjoyed it for what it was. And what it was was s visually stunning ride through James "look what I can do" Cameron's notebook. The movie really does look great, and I'll probably go back and see it in 3D, but I felt that some of the major plot points were brushed over rather quickly in lue of showcasing a spectacular shot of the environment or the Na'Vi tribe. Thus becoming what seemed like a prolonged story arc by the time you get to the end. The main character was quite awkward too and I couldn't get behind him as a protagonist... or at least one I could care about. Which is an ignorant dumb marine that learns respect for nature and life beyond the hoorah past of a veteran soldier. The rest of the plot was standard fair and it wasn't until the end that I really got invested in the story and it's outcome.

So, yeah, I liked it for the most part. It looked awesome. But I don't see it being as memorable as a Terminator or Alien. A movie that has this much CGI takes you out of the emotional relationship you have with specific characters and their plight and it just becomes an art installation of the time. I do applaud Cameron for making a movie that involves dragons vs mech-warriors on such a grand scale. 'cause that sounds like a video game or so much indie comic nerdom.

Here's a review of Avatar by Marvel writer Matt Fraction, who confirms the fact that this movie is a spectacular art piece to behold... and nothing much more? I think he's giving it more credit than it's worth. But I also didn't see it in 3D and that's most of his argument.

If you ask me, I think it should be seen in both format's. In 3d, sure it's going to be a mesmerizing experience and probably the best one in a long damn time that will set the standard for more art pieces like this. But taken out of 3D, the basic elements of story telling and unique composition are lax.... but that probably wasn't Cameron's intention anyway. He made exactly what he wanted to make and I'll bet better things are born from it.

Also, why the hell am I reviewing a movie on my blog? I guess I'm bored with it? I have some fucking nerve.

Oops, I bwoke it.