Red Horse Art Reception: A halo of man made art

Gentlemen, I call to your attention.... the Red Horse. A cafe in Southern Park Slope that has been know to house local artistic demonstrations. These rallies have been inciting the populace into fits of artistic frenzy and a general stir of unchecked emotions. This Saturday, at 7pm, is just one of those events. There will be debauchery on a massive scale that includes drinking, loud music, masculine displays of pride and a relentless urge to cavort among spies. Spies like us.

The location: 497 6th ave at 12th street
Park Slope, Brooklyn

The when: Sat. Dec. 19th. 7pm until close.

The Why: Artwork from comic titles that include Salt Water Taffy, Hellblazer,
Joe the Barbarian, Labor Days Volume 1 & 2, and Star Wars will be showcased
and lauded over.

The Who: Matt Loux! Sean Murphy! ... and Rick Damn Lacy.

People will pay for this.

Flyer devised by the notorious Sean Ferguson. www.inkstatic.blogspot.com