The Rick Lacy System

Ok... ok. I'll admit it. I haven't even come close to updating this blog as much as I promised in earlier posts. It's almost despicable. The causes are a few. I've recently been quite busy with the last half of season 4 of The Venture Bros. It was my return to character design since season 1 as well as my return to full blown digital art as well. It occupied a lot of my time, but it was very worth it. I can't wait for the shows to aire so I can start posting the designs. Some of you may remember that I posted some concept art of a character a few weeks ago. It got picked up by io9 and Adult Swim and ran as a bumper... but Jackson wasn't very pleased and asked me too take it down. So i'll just wait... and watch the waters for now. I've also been busy with some cons and galleries and general life, but just the other day I was having a chat with Sean Murphy... the thinkin' Lincoln himself... and he asked me what inspires me these days... and I couldn't tell him. I had no idea. What does inspire me? What the heck inspires you? I came to the conclusion that commercial art, work for hire and general freelance has started to suck me dry of any and all interest in art making. What motivates me these days? Trying to come up with diet healthy recipes for dinner? Craft beer? That's what. Certainly not fucking art! I hardly even read comics these days. And what I did read has left me woefully unsatisfied. So I've promised myself now that I have to go back and start doing art just for myself. To get back to storytelling and creating on my own terms and get the furnaces burning. I have no desire to make cartoons. Or draw a Green Lantern. So why should I bust my ass on someone else's project when my own are gathering dust on the bookshelf?

So I'm getting myself a website now. My own personal headquarters on the Internet. I'll probably slowly fade out this blog and only keep a presence on Deviant Art once my site is up. Any more than that is exhausting.

I've just moved out of the studio I've been working from for the past few years and am currently setting up shop in my home office more proper. Most of the work I can post is traditional medium and needs scanning. So until that happens here's a digital drawing of General Kenobi I've been slow burning in an attempt to satiate my urge for a better Star Wars.

Currently reading: A Werewolfs Tale by Richard Jaccoma. The First Law series by Joe Abercrombie. And started reading Akira again! That's a great fire starter.

And listening to, at this very fucking moment (Dec. 07, 2009; 21:51am) : The Killers: Loosing Touch

Lacy out.... for now.