Methods of Dungeoneering

In my spare time I've been tinkering with new concept art for the 4th Edition D&D game I've been playing. We don't have many miniatures and the ones we do have are from Games Workshop's Spacehulk. There are a few other trinkets we use and the minions are mostly stood in for with beer bottle caps (it's funny how D&D really utilizes your imagination. I don't see bottle caps, i see kobolds!).

In an effort to spice up our game play, I've been creating art for a system of avatar cut-outs that will be 2 inches high by 1 inch wide for our heroes and token pieces for minions and villainous bosses. If I can pull it off, I'll do a post on its build.

Here, I have the initial art for my half-elf ranger, Ebelnard Faireheather. I first started with a very "lacy-styled" hero character. I blotted down a color key, drew a handful of pencil drawings and started coloring those. The process was taking too much time, and I was loosing interest in the spontaneous order of the project. So I banged out the number on the upper right (your right) and feel that's the way to go. Quick, colorful and refreshing.