Venture Bros. Ep. 55 Se. 4 FINALE!


That's all she wrote. For now, I guess. Season four, along with these characters might very well mark my end with the Venture Bros show. That isn't to say I will never work for the show again, but right now I'm exploring new creative options in professional art. Specifically in video game production. This season was a lot of fun to come back too, after being on a hiatus for most of season 3.

This first character is Triana's boyfriend ( who i just named Edward, but was working off an unfinished script, so who knows what his name or roll was even by the end). I was asked to make him look like the Twilight boy. Which wasn't such a big deal until everyone in the studio kept poking fun at the fact that my computer monitor was covered in reference photos of today's flavor to savor heartbeat. All season I have pics of strippers, massive weapons and disfigured mutants. They stop for and stare at this dude though!

Les sigh.

The rest are the Black Hearts squad. I didn't initially design them. Not sure who really did, but I gave them an overhaul since they looked like cardboard cut-outs before. Gotta round out them hips and inflate them tits! Sorry, kids.