Sketching! On the digital frontier.

I'm still chasing the idea for my D&D prints for SPX and have been playing with renderings. I pushed away from the last version in an attempt to loosen up a bit. I was happy with this one, but not thrilled with the painting style below. Though it started out in the right direction it became far too produced then I wanted. I tend to get caught up in technique and forget what my goal was. Lots of fun sketches with these though and I'll get them up when I scan'em. Almost have a whole adventuring party casted!

Except for the color in the top piece, most of this art was done in sketchbook pro. A program I've recently begun to admire. The interface was a bit troublesome to get over at the beginning, but like any new device repetition and practice made it useful. My favorite part is the near hands free usage. There aren't much hot keys like in the way photoshop is set up, but that helps in keeping the profile of the program more natural. The pencil/brush manipulation is much easier to use, so all in all a great program to, as is it's title, sketch in. At a fast, unencumbered pace.