The Bleeding House

My friend and cohort Phil Gelatt's first independently produced and directed movie. A real astonishing and moody flick. The Bleeding House is a nice balance of thrilling visuals and nasty, bloody content. I'm actually not the type to enjoy horror or slashers like The Bleeding House, but Phil really does a good job of bringing me in. The movie nestles up next to you. Whispers into your ears (just like the suave Patrick Breen!) it's wishes and wants. Then shivs you! Ack! It's good. And I think anyone reading this should go see it. Grab some popcorn. Enjoy the night with a good scare. You can watch the movie on demand at Amazon and iTunes.

The Bleeding House on Amazon Video

The Bleeding House on iTunes Rental

AND! If you're in NYC for the 2011 TriBeCa Film Festival you can also get tickets to see the movie in theaters! That's what I'll be doing. Phil and The Bleeding House will be running this festival circuit with 3 showings, interviews and an event appearance at the Apple Store SoHo.

The Bleeding House TriBeCa Film Fest Tickets


The Bleeding House is one of Phil's earliest writing works and has been a working production for a few years since he first concepted the idea. I remember versions that involved zombiefied insects. Bone thrones. And bizarre altars. It's gone through a few iterations and I was lucky enough to see it evolve into a great film. At one point, it's burdening desire for a title jokingly lead him to call it Fukkenstein 2: Just Another Damm Day. We went on to use that sub-title for our sequel GN, to Labor Days. So that's you're fun fact!

Check out the movie and if you get a chance, wish Phil good luck over at his Tumblr!

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