Choose Your Adventure

A while back I had posted a few things about making avatar art for my D&D game group. Here and also here. Below are the finished avatars that my friends and I use in our dungeon questing. The art is simple in style and method so I could easily update characters and monsters per game. These characters were featured first in our Shadowfell Keep quest (if you play 4th Edition, you know what I'm yammering about). I play a half-elf ranger who's party of friends include a dwarf cleric, a human fighter and wizard. As well as my beast companion, Rum Tum Tugger, the inebriated lynx. We've recently started a new quest and have been introduced to a wandering Monk. I should have updates for these characters sometime soon.

Basically, I print these out and paste them each to a 1"x2" piece of wood and place them on simple plastic token stands. The minions below are similarly produced, but only remain the size of bottlecaps and lay on the grid as such.

Keep on rolling.

This is the latest working sketch of the Monk. I'm going to re-create the other avatars in such a style.

A shot of them in action.