Legends of the..etc etc

Or one of many work in progress titles for the "living rpg tabletop fighter" dice game I've been developing with friends. I don't want to go in to too much detail yet, but we're in the middle of carving out the game play rules and long term value of it. Our first prototype test was a real learning experience for us and I'll be taking this game to SPX in sept to test it amongst the throngs of people there. Hopefully we can set up shop after con hours for some serious play in the hotel bar. But that's another blog post. Below is the first character concept art for the first tier class, the Barbarian. I'm toying around with putting a bloody longsword in his hand.

I'm always trying to fnd my voice in digital painting and this concept (while getting the stone ball rolling for the game art) was helpful in doing that. I tried to keep the painting loose and fast. Played with new brushes and techniques. And put this one together in a "work day."

Here are also some close ups of the chunky style I was trying to maintain. It's still polished for what I want, so the next concept will focus on softening the characters as a whole and introducing more emotion and style.

Lastly, a quick shot of the evolving game rules! D6 system, bros. Roll for first blood.