Character Design Class Fall 2011

2 spots left!

Summer is coming to a close and I'm gearing up for the next semester of my Character Design Class at Park Slope's own Bergen Street Comics. Bergen and I have been dicussing some great plans for the continuing future of the class along with other events. So the coming year is bound to be very eventful... especially for any students interested in joining the class!

The Fall semester will be starting on Sept 17th. This class is an 8 week intensive course that focuses on the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to become a character design artist for animation, comics and video games. Be prepared to draw a lot, because this will be a learn by doing class with focus on developing your artistic skills. The attendance is limited to first come first serve and the only thing I require is a sample of your work and a positive, willing attitude. There is no submission. Everyone is eligible.

In our last sessions, along with the weekly assignements, we also went on location drawing and had animation and comic artist Ben Caldwell and Joe the Barbarian artist Sean Murphy come in and demonstrate their approach to designs and how to build your best portfolio. This will be a great opportunity for new artists to advance their art and meet like minded individuals with a passion to draw as well as for veteran artists to hone their growing skills.

Please email me soon to enquire about class rate and essential materials and to lock down your spot for the class. I'm looking to fill two more spots and the Winter semester itself is already full, so dont hesitate if you're interested!

Check out the Face Book Page for the community and a growing library of student art and inspirational images. Lessons will go up when the semester starts.

Make draw go now.