Coming Soon: Drawing Lance!

I'm happy to announce that I will finally launch my new comic strip, Drawing Lance, next Monday!

You may have seen a few tid bits here and there on my blog, but now the time has come to share my adventures in the Dungeons & Dragons world.  Drawing Lance (which is a pun on Dragon Lance, the series of novels inspired by the D&D universe) was born out of my recent hobby playing D&D.  A hearty group of friends and I fired up the 4th Edition in the serious back in 2010 and I've been since cataloguing our weird adventures in 3 panel strips.  It's been a really fun ride watching these characters develop as well as produce a new style for myself that I hope is whimsical and appropriate for the personality of the world we play in.

So come back next Monday when the adventure begins and the rolling of twenty sided dice carries our fates in the balance!  


P.S. Tonight I'm on my way to my weekly game. Maybe to wrangle a new leg in this ongoing adventure comic!