Drawing Lance: Concept Art: Rum Tum Tugger

.. he's quite the curious cat.  For a full tankard of ale anyway.

This little guy is one of the minor character's in the strip.  He's a lynx/tiger hybrid who's developed a taste for spirits and beer.  He's encountered and befriended early on by one of the main characters.

In the actual game, I rolled a ranger trained in Beast Mastery. One of the newer supplements that came in with the 4th Edition.  I chose the cat option as I wanted a slick, panther type companion. Oh, but humor got the better of me and Rum Tum Tugger was created. In hindsight we should have included a balance disability whenever he was inebriated. He also became one of the stronger fighters in the game at times. 

Meoo *burp" ow.