Digital Sketchbook Dump

Man alive! I have not been posting very frequently have I?  I kinda hate these type of posts. Admitting my lack in posting. 'Cause I'll look back at it in a year and say "what? who gives a damn."  So I've been traveling a bit this month. A trip to Hawaii for a weekend getaway with coworkers. Florida to visit the folks. And then next week, I'm off to Wisconsin for a buddy's wedding.  

Needless to stay, it has stalled Drawing Lance, but I am working through some new character designs and strips as much as I can right now.  Need to catch up? Check it out at:

In the meantime, here are a few digital sketches. 
Three of the best from the Brotherhood without Banners.  These thugs are real D&D inspired type characters!

Self Portrait. Artist's block.

Another self portrait. Inked the sketch I posted in the past.  My hair was longer and beard thicker then.

Star Wars Rebels! Inspired by the announcement of the new show of the same name.