Character Design: Drawing Lance: Irontooth & Kobolds

Here are the newest character designs for my webcomic Drawing Lance!  

You may have seen a few sketches of these guys grace my other social networks, but I can finally call them done here!  I noodled over Irontooth for quite a bit. Two of the most troublesome details were his wolf skin cloak, which was just a bit ungainly in his reverse design and a possible goat skull tattoo on his face.  The skull proved difficult because it obscured a lot of his face and distracted from the acting I wanted to get across. So I nixed it. In hindsight I wish I had just put the tattoo on a different location of the character, but maybe he'll receive it later in the story...

Since these characters are encountered in an actual D&D module I've played I wanted to be as true to their description as I could while at the same time making them easy to draw and act with. (except Ninaran! I was going for something entirely different. ;) )

The kobolds went through their own iterations.  I initially tried to drive their design toward a more typical kobold type. But I found that boring. So I looked toward something more off beat. Which lead to the fat, squat alligators with bad tempers!